Wednesday 29 July 2015

Paperback Summer July Wrap Up

So I did a little better in July than I did in June in that I actually read some paperbacks, still not as many as I would have liked but my reading was still suffering the effects of work unfortunately. Here's to August and no school! 


I read the next three on audiobook and paperback...



And I am currently listening to: 

(which I may be finished by the end of July!)

So as you can seem my reading has still been audiobook/ebook heavy BUT there were five whole paperbacks on this list so I'm doing a lot better! Here's hoping that August will be even better still. I am currently away and I have a whole bag of paperbacks with me and some reading time right at the end of the month earmarked where I know I'm going to be at home so that hardbacks may come out. 

I'm impressed with how many books I've been able to read, those journeys up north have been great for the audiobooks and two weekends away have meant that actual reading has been a bit better!

Here's to another month of paperbacks (and audiobooks, let's face it!)

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