Thursday 9 July 2015

Review: Completely Cassidy-Star Reporter by Tamsyn Murray

Cassidy is determined to discover a hidden talent to help her stand out from the crowd. So when her petition to let girls wear trousers gets her noticed by the editor of the school mag, she's thrilled. Could she be a star reporter? But her plans go pear-shaped when her investigations mysteriously end up online. Who's leaking her top-secret gossip?

Review: another great read from Tamsyn Murray. I love the first book in this series and so it was always going to be hard to top but this book has done it. I devoured it in two sittings (even though I was very tired after work) and it was just such a fun read with so many important messages. I said of the last book that it was like a combination of Darcy Burdock and Geek Girl (two books I love so much!) and I stand by that. It has the comedy factor of both and the underlying message of 'you can do anything' running all the way through it-fabulous!

Cassidy is just as ambitious and just as naively charming as in the last book and this time she is trying her hand at being a reporters (just as she tried her hand at being a genius in the last story). Of course this comes with all sorts of trials and tribulations though! There are issues to do with integrity and issues to do with peer pressure, all explored so well through this book and through the comedic scrapes that cassidy gets herself into. There's even a bit of a love story in this one!

One of the great things about the characters in this series is that they are just ordinary people, so really easy to relate to. They don't have tons of money or go to improbably boarding schools, they go to normal school in normal Windsor, mum and dad are struggling with having new born twins and not very much cash and so anyone who picks up this book really will be able to relate to what they are reading! I really enjoyed this read (in case you can't tell!). It was quick and fun but threw up some really important issues facing children and young people today!

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