Monday 20 July 2015

Review: Greedily Yours Episode 4 by Emma Hamilton

Mia Maxwell loves food. She loves it so much that she's made it her career. On the surface Mia seems to have it all sewn up. She lives in trendy east London with her best friend. By day she runs her own food PR consultancy, and by night she's a food blogger enjoying a burgeoning audience. Mia has a banker boyfriend who enjoys travelling the world, enabling her to taste the globe's culinary delights. But Mia is still hungry and, when she heads down to Cornwall to run a food festival, she doesn't realize that her entire life is about to be cast adrift.

Episode 4 of 8: Mia Maxwell gets the break she's been hoping for - the chance to publish a book from her blog. She sets off excitedly on a culinary voyage of discovery to Ethiopia and Lebanon. From ancient grains to coffee ceremonies, will she learn enough about life and love to create her own recipe for love?

Review: This Episode was particularly exciting because the love story is cranked up a whole massive notch and there was so much, will they, won't they, oh they will, oh it looks like they're not going to that it left me quite breathless-I loved it. I thought I would love this episode because it was to do with coffee, but in fact it isn't entirely coffee overload and there are still a lot of other tantalising recipes and mouthwatering food and drink description that any foodie or indeed anyone that enjoys food, will be happy. 

I feel like Mia is really developing as the series goes on, she's developing her independent, her career, branching out to try new places, it's really great to see and something which definitely drives me to buy/read the next installment. I really love her friends as well, there are secondary storylines going on left right and centre as that's really impressive for something which is so short each time you read it! 

The love story is of course fabulous and is turning into quite the triangle, if you've read any of this series, you'll know what in talking about, if not, get into it now! I love the fact that the two main characters are both bloggers as well and we get to see messages, emails and blog posts, it just mixes it up a bit and makes it even more fast paced! 

Needless to say, I love this series, it's well worth the money to get each installment and now you can read them all so YEY! 

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