Sunday 2 August 2015

Blog Tour: review of The Piano Man Project by Kat French

From Kat French, the author of best-selling ‘Undertaking Love’ comes a story that all women will be able to relate to – the perfect read for a beach holiday or to keep you company on a train journey this summer.


Me: blonde, hopelessly romantic charity store manager


You: intelligent, kind-hearted, piano-playing Sex God

Honey Jones has a problem – she’s never had a boyfriend who’s really done it for her... But her best friends Nell and Tash are determined to help. And so the hunt for Honey’s perfect man begins.


But when Hal moves into the flat opposite, their plan soon goes awry. Hal is secretive, bad-tempered, and ticks none of her boxes. Well, except maybe one…

Review: I loved this book so much-it was really hard to put down! You are sucked into Honey's world right from the first page, having a laugh with her girlfriends, I love when a book lets you in like that! This book is funny, romantic and smouldering steamy love story  that I really enjoyed!

I really liked honey as a character, just like her group of girlfriends, she is optimistic and yet independent and realistic. Hal provides a brilliant addition to the mix-he is almost completely the opposite but definitely has a sexy air of mystery about him-im still thinking about him and his smouldering sex appeal right now! There are also some older characters in the book which is always an interesting choice, the provide a parallel storyline though which I didn't enjoy as much as the main storyline but definitely provided some funny and some poignant moments.

This book has a bit of everything but definitely a lot of fun! The whole thing happens over a relatively short timescale and also a relatively small geographical area (mainly the lobby between Hal and Honey's apartments) but it was a brilliant read and definitely something that all pop-fiction fans should have in their bags!

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