Wednesday 23 September 2015

Guest review: High Tide by Veronica Henry

High Tide is out 24th September 

Meet the inhabitants of Pennfleet, a small town nestling on a Cornish estuary with a view to die for. As the boats bob in the harbour and summer draws to an end, it’s time for new beginnings. There’s Kate, who has come to clear out her parents’ house and put it on the market, Sam, whose gamble to open a cafe-cum-deli is proving a success, and Nathan, who runs picnic cruises up and down the river. As summer slips into autumn, all of their lives change while the leaves turn from green to gold.

What a tremendous story from one of my favourite authors, Veronica Henry. She takes us back to the lovely Cornish coastal town of Pennfleet, the setting of one of her previous novels, The Long Weekend. There are lots of new characters alongside some that we recognise from the earlier tale. The descriptions of the little town make it sound a charming place to go for a quiet holiday.

The main characters in this story are: Kate, a party-planner returning from New York to her childhood home in less than happy circumstances; Sam, an incomer who is trying to make a success of his new deli business; Vanessa, a newly-bereaved widow unsure of her future; and Nathan, a young man born and bred in the village and wondering which direction he should take. There are, of course, also a host of supporting characters, with their own interesting stories. Through her powerful story telling, Veronica leads us through their trials and tribulations, including some happy and some sad moments.

I found this book quite literally hard to put down. It engages you from page one, and it's not one of those stories where you can predict the outcome from very early on. It would definitely make a good holiday read or even a great book to curl up with on a winter's evening. I am a big fan of Veronica Henry, but I think that this book is one of her best.

I hope that Veronica will be taking us back to Pennfleet. It would be great to be re-acquainted with some of these interesting characters and find out what the future held for them. 

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