Thursday 24 September 2015

I Want To Read

Ok this is going to be a cross between a bit of a ramble and an actual discussion post. You may have noticed over the past couple of weeks there have been a few guest posts on my blog and not a whole lot from me. I am also struggling to keep up with twitter and just reading/reviewing in general.

Since the new school year began I really haven't had much time for anything apart from work and sleep. I'm going to school, working, coming home, carrying on with some more work, eating then going to be (if I have time to eat). So this is kind of a 'please be kind to me I feel like I'm drowning' post but also a 'sorry if I owe you a review, I still really want to read your book' kind of post.

The great thing about audiobooks is that I can listen to them on my commute and sometimes if the work I have to do is just cutting out or filing something or sticking into books then I can listen to audiobooks as well so I am getting through plenty of those and am trying to keep up with new releases that way, but then it is having the time to actually sit down and write the reviews. I've been known to put a post together in my school carp park on my phone whilst waiting for school to be unlocked but that's just beginning to get a bit ridiculous now.

So bear with me... more reviews coming soon and I will try my best to shout about all the awesome books out there when I get a spare moment to breathe!

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