Tuesday 1 September 2015

Paperback Summer August Wrap-Up

Ok so as you know, I've not done so well with the paperback summer reading challenge. I like having it there to try and guide my book choices, and I really would have loved to have read more paperbacks this summer, I planned to, I carried loads in the boot of my car for the four weeks I was away, I bought more! But nope, I didn't do so well with reading them. 

As predicted though, August was my best month paperback-wise. This was helped by me reading a couple during the last week of August and so here we go-what I read in August...


And I'm currently reading this one so that's four whole(ish) paperbacks!!!


Audiobooks (I spent a lot of time in the car again this month so audiobooks were really my only choice as I can't drive and read as it's illegal! 

And I just finished listening to this which I also have in paperback so does it count???

So overall during the whole of summer paperback month I read a pretty dismal 8/9 paperbacks since I am currently reading a couple. This hasn't been the best summer of reading for me, a lot of things have got in the way and I have relied upon audiobooks on long car journeys and novellas to get me reading in the short amount of free time I have had. I've had a great summer though so I'm not going to complain and I know this will all seem like loads of reading as soon as the new term starts (today) and I am back to having little time on my hands again.

Thanks again to Sophie for hosting this challenge! It seems like I pretty much read all kinds of books all the time and I wish I had more time to read more (like everyone else!)

I hope you all had a great summer and got lots of reading done too! 

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