Friday 18 December 2015

Review: A Night in With Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday

Unlucky in love, failed actress Libby Lomax has retreated into the world of classic movies, where the immortal lives of the screen goddesses offer so much more in the way of romance than her own life.
After a terrible day on the set of a cult TV sci-fi series where she has proved herself to be the antithesis of feminine poise and embarrassed herself in front of heartthrob actor Dillon O’Hara, she plonks herself down in front of her trillionth viewing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Relaxing on her battered old couch, salvaged from the props department by her best friend Olly, Libby is gob smacked to find actual Screen Icon, Audrey Hepburn, sitting beside her. Dressed in her little black dress, wearing her trademark sunglasses, Audrey proffers advice to the hapless Libby between ladylike puffs on her vintage cigarette holder.
And so, Audrey becomes Libby’s confidante and friend – but has Libby got what it takes to turn her life from a Turkey to a Blockbuster? With a little bit of Audrey Hepburn magic, she might just pull it off…
A Night in With Audrey Hepburn is the first in a series of three books following the life and loves of Libby Lomax as she blossoms from Z-lister to A-lister and all of the stages in between with a little bit of help from some very special friends.

Read: I loved this book, I found it to be a very quick read because it was such a fun and light-hearted story and I enjoyed every moment of it. This novel reminds me of a cross between something by Lindsey Kelk and something by Alexandra Potter-you have to suspend your disbelief for the duration but there are some truly laugh out loud moments worthy of a Lindsey Kelk novel. There were also some really heart-warming moments as well as those every day life observations that we can all relate to...

I loved the main character of Libby so I can't wait to read about her again as the series progresses. She is literally your girl next door and someone who we can all relate to. She is trying to find herself to some extent and she does a really good job of doing that over the course of the novel. I love the fact that she falls into the trap of moving into a flat which turns out to be a bit of a nightmare flat but, like all of us, she has to put up with it because she's now tied into a contract. Of course there is a love interest or two and all sorts of fun ensues because of that. the other man character is the one and only Audrey Hepburn and I had great fun reading about her-the book must have been so much fun to research and this read inspired me to watch a couple of Audrey films myself!

Libby's family also plays a big part in the novel and she doesn't have the best relationship with them, I liked the fact that Lucy Holliday wrote about this because people sometimes don't have that family support there and have to strike out on their own, but Libby still has a loyaty to them which i thought was really sweet. 

Yes there is an element of magic about this story, someone who starts seeing Audrey Hepburn in their flat, there's going to be but I never really found it difficult to believe or hard to grasp the concept, I just liked the fact that Audrey was there for help and advice and like Libby's Nespresso machine-who wouldn't? So you will have to keep an open mind whilst reading this, its a bit like a Christmas Carol or Its a Wonderful life, just keep that in mind and you'll be fine!

I am currently reading the next in this series and would really recommend reading them back to back, when they're such quick, fun reads though, that's not a problem. This book comes highly recommended from me, it was a pleasure to read!

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