Saturday 17 June 2017

Books I decided not to review recently...

There's such a stigma around not finishing (or in the blogging community no reviewing) books isn't there? People think that if you decide not to finish a book you aren't a good reader. Or it means that the book is bad. Or even that you're saying something awful about the author by not finishing it. Well I would really love if these views did not exist.

There have been a few books I haven't finished recently or have managed to get to the end but decided not to review but that doesn't mean that you might not like them. So I would like to highlight a few books I have passed on or decided not to do a full review of and I would like to say a little about each in case they really sound like your kind of thing. Now please be gentle with me because quite a few of these have been really well received by just about everyone else, so here we go...

I listened to the whole of this one and I loved the setting and the premise behind it. I think tat if you are someone looking for work in these difficult times then this will definitely resonate with you and if you love books about food and restaurants then you will appreciate this one. I didn't feel like the storyline went anywhere though and so that's why I decided not to leave a review. This book also made me worry I think perhaps in a 'children have so much potential' teacher way but this book wasn't for me. 

I really enjoyed the start of this book and it was definitely realistic of how people in neighbourhoods can gossip and point fingers. I really loved the fact that the book is predominantly from the point of view of two little girls as well, that definitely made the book feel less serious even though it is dealing with a serious issue. I could picture the time and setting but I just found my mind wandering whilst I was reading it. I'm not great with books set more than a couple of decades ago and so that's maybe why it just didn't pull me in but I ended up putting this book down after reading about 200 pages. Lots of other people loved it though and it is held with great literary esteem!

This was a collection of short stories and from the co-founder of We Need Diverse Books and so I was so sure I would love this one. Perhaps I went in with too high expectations. The great thing was that because it was short stories, I could read some of them and leave others that didn't grab me. I don't really have a full explanation of why some stories didn't grab me but I ended up leaving more than I read. If you are looking for diverse stories to dip in and out of then definitely give this one a go, I think maybe it just came along at the wrong time for me...

This book is a similar story. It is short stories about difficult women and the difficulties women have as well. I love this author and what she does and so I was so sure I was going to love it. I even had this one shipped over from the UK! But again some of the stories I loved and some I just couldn't finish. This could be the time that I was reading it and I would definitely still recommend someone picking it up but I think I'm going to leave this on my shelf for a little while longer, reading the stories one at a time and therefore I won't be writing a review for this one.

This one might be a little controversial, but I didn't like this read as much as I thought I was going to. I decided to do a bit of comparison between this and Carrie Fishers other memoir style books because I just didn't think that this one matched up as well to the others. I read this back to back with wishful drinking and I just feel like I got so much more insight into her life and her personality in that other book than I did with this one. To be honest I think that the whole selling point of this one were the chapters on Harrison Ford and this is just about all of the book. I wasn't as interested in that as I was in her but if you want to read about that then this book would definitely be for you!

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