Friday 16 June 2017

Review: The One With The White Wedding (Bridesmaids Part 4) by Erin Lawless

This is the fourth part in a four part series and so there may be spoilers for the previous 3 parts in the blurb or in my review. I've tried super hard to keep them out but you have been warned!

Nora Dervan is ready for her Happy Ever After. With her darling Harry waiting at the altar, and all her family and friends around her. She is certain that her special day will not be forgotten/will be one to remember…
But with her four bridesmaids hiding more secrets, than bottles of champagne. Will her big day be remembered for all the right reasons?
Bea has barely gotten past the fact that her two best friends are dating, and now they’re engaged, whilst cupid’s arrow points in a forbidden direction for Cleo. She is so distracted by her off limits, hot new colleague that she has forgotten Daisy, who has been left dreading the singles table. There’s more romance in the cheesy pick- up lines than Sarah’s own marriage, which hasn’t turned out as she hoped it would be.

Review: I love the characters from this series and so I was so excited to re-join them for one last story and find out just how the story ends for all of them. Obviously we have all the usual characters there. We have Sarah and Cole who are wonderful in this instalment, I really feel like they come into their own as they cope with the things being thrown at them by this terrific author. Then we have bride to be Nora and Fiancee Harry. I just love how chilled out these two are and I feel privileged to be invited to their wedding. 

Then there's Daisy. Again I feel like she really grows up a lot in this particular installment. She is pure comedy value up until now and the voice of fun, and she's by no means a downer this time around but she reveals a softer side to herself, bridesmaids duty can do that to a person! And finally, my favourites Cleo and Gray. I love these two (and not just because they are fellow teachers) I don't feel like the focus is as much on either of them in the beginning of this episode, you have to wait until the end to get any answers about what the future hold for those two! There are also obviously other family members in this installment, because it is the one with the wedding and there are some obvious funny family wedding moments, but mostly this book focuses on our bride and her bridesmaids and I loved that about it. 

This series is so realistic about what it is like to be part of a female friendship group and what it can be like leading up to a wedding for all of those people involved in that wedding and that's something that I love about Erin Lawless's writing. Like a good observational comic, she goes witch what can really go wrong and right for people in real life and then combines it all with witty anecdotes from others and curve balls thrown at her characters. This book made me laugh, it made me cry, and that goes for the whole series, not just this installment. I loved every moment of this series and between episodes, the characters stayed with me. I would have loved an epilogue to find out where they all are now, but I'm hoping that no epilogue means that we're going to hear from some of them again in the future! 

If you haven't already read this series, you're in luck! You don't have to wait for any more episodes to come out, they are all there to gorge upon and have the same laughs and emotions that I did reading this, or you can buy the whole book in bulk-go forth and enjoy in engagement and hen party and wedding capers!

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