Sunday 30 June 2019

Summerathon Reading Wrap Up 2019

So the Summerathon happened and I feel like I literally had no time to read that week. I will have vlog footage of the readathon on my channel very very soon so you can see how much I didn't read. However I did manage to claw away at the challenges so here's how I did...arranged by challenge!

1) Read a “beachy” book: This can be any book you’d want to take with you to the beach/poolside! Or it can take place on a beach (however you want to interpret it!)
I listened to this one on audiobook and I already have a review up on the blog! 400 pages.

2) Read a book with sunrise colours on the cover: The book can have ANY of the colours in a sunrise, such as orange, yellow, blue, pink, purple, etc.
I had 2 possible options with this one but I ended up reading Crossing Over-I still haven't formed a full opinion on this one yet but a review will be coming soon. This is an audible original so it doesn't have a page lenth, it is just over nine and a half hours.

3) Read a book that has a road trip, travelling, or vacation: The book doesn’t have to take place only on a vacation or roadtrip; it can include any scenes that involve travelling, going on a trip, etc.
I had already started this one but I enjoyed listening to the rest of it on audiobook.I listened to the last 146 pages.

4) Read a book set in the summer: The book doesn’t have to only be in the summer, but at least have a portion of it take place in summer.
I read this on my kindle it is 368 pages

5) Read a book with food on the cover: We love summer time grilling! Any kind of food/beverage on the cover will do!
I read this and loved it-it comes in at 320 pages.

6) Read a book while drinking your favourite summery beverage: This is more of a freebie but thought it would be fun! Choose any drink of your choice to sip while enjoying your book!

This was mostly iced coffee and you'll have to watch my vlog footage to see evidence of this!

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