Thursday 6 June 2019

May Wrap Up 2019

So as you know if you've seen my May TBR-it was a busy month for me. That's also the reason that this post (an accompanying video) is going up so late. I have a moment in a random hotel room on my journey back to Denver to actually sit down and post this so you have it before we;re actually into July. 

On of the things that really helped me this month was the Bout of Books readathon. You can read my wrap up post for that one here. I also did a mid-month wrap up video because I knew that I would mainly be reading in the first 3 weeks of May sue to my travelling to Book Expo and then being in Book Expo and Book con and the hangover that follows that. 

So here are the books I read in May. I will break them down into ebooks, physical books and audiobooks and I will also leave links to any reviews I may have already posted. 


Physical Books


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