Friday 18 October 2019

Review: To Drink Coffee with a Ghost by Amanda Lovelace

"You cannot have a funeral for your mother without also having a funeral for yourself."  This book poses the ever-lingering question: What happens when someone dies before they're able to redeem themselves?

From the bestselling & award-winning poetess, amanda lovelace, comes the finale of her illustrated duology, "things that h(a)unt." In the first installment, to make monsters out of girls,  lovelace explored the memory of being in a toxic romantic relationship. In to drink coffee with a ghost, lovelace unravels the memory of the complicated relationship she had with her now-deceased mother.

Review: I love Amanda Lovelace's poetry and have loved her previous collections so of course I was excited to read this collection. I loved this one just as much as the others. It delves into some different topics and some darker issues than some of her others. This is part 2 of the Things That Haunt duology and this duet is definitely a little more hard hitting than the Women Are Some Kind of Magic Series. I like the distinction between the two but all of her books comes with trigger warnings in the very front so make sure you practise self care when choosing whether or not to pick this one up. 

Not only does this book have awesome poetry but that poetry is dressed beautifully with a wicked cover and some beautiful illustrations inside, some of them are just stunning and go so well with the poems they're with its just brilliant. I always read these books in one sitting marking off my favourites to go back to a re-read again. 

Some of my favourites in this collection include; I've Always Been Whole on My Own; How To Say I Love You ii; We're The Only Thing That Matters and You're Never Truly Alone With a Book. I so enjoyed carving out some 'me time' to sit down and devour these poems and I recommend all of Amanda Lovelace's work. 

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