Tuesday 29 October 2019

Review: Black Canary Ignite by Meg Cabot

Thirteen-year-old Dinah Lance knows exactly what she wants, who she is, and where she's going. First, she'll win the battle of the bands with her two best friends, then she'll join the Gotham City Junior Police Academy so she can solve crimes just like her dad. Who knows, her rock star group of friends may even save the world, but first they'll need to agree on a band name. When a mysterious figure keeps getting in the way of Dinah's goals and threatens her friends and family, she'll learn more about herself, her mother's secret past, and navigating the various power chords of life. Black Canary: Ignite is an inspirational song that encourages readers to find their own special voices to sing along with Black Canary!

Review: Well I enjoyed this graphic novel a lot more than I expected to. I had just watched the movie Joker and so my head was already in Gotham City so it was good to imagine myself there but this graphic novel gives a really good setting and the illustration of the characters and the background is excellent. 

My big takeaway from this book was female friendship which I love in any kind of book so it was wonderful to find it in this DC series. I loved the female friendship between the main characters and liked the context of the school and the band. 

I also really enjoyed the family in this novel. The parents both relate to our main character in different ways and for different reasons (no spoilers here) but they both love her and support her in their own ways. I would love to hear more from this world and can't wait to read the other graphic novels in the series. 

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