Thursday 9 April 2020

Review: Meet Me At Pebble Beach Part 2 (In Too Deep) by Bella Osborne

This is the second part in a brand new four-part serial from Bella Osborne. Make sure you read Part One, Out of the Blue, first!
Spoilers for Part 1 Ahead...
With a little help from some new friends in her seaside community – including one very handsome fireman called Charlie – Regan realises that when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up! She decides to start living her best life and attempt to make the changes she would have made if shehad won the lottery – on a budget, of course.
Newly determined and armed with a list of ways to change her life, Regan works hard and things start looking up – but is she out of the deep end yet?

Review: Well things get a bit dark and twisty for poor Regan in this installment, we really get in much deeper into her storyline and her reasons for being. I like that we really got to know Regan as a character during part 1, out of the blue because that means we can move forward with the plot of the sotry in this installment and get to know ore about some of the side characters, namely Penny, Charlie and Kevin. 

I really like Penny as a character and I love the fact that we have a side character who is a little more diverse, Penny is gay and is also an entrepreneur who I feel will really give Regan some help and support over the course of this novel. I have enjoyed getting to know Charlie although I find him a little frustrating as a person. On paper he is a fireman who practices mindfulness and I love that about him but in reality he is still a bit of a mystery and I want to jump into the book and find out some more about him. I like that this book does put a focus on homelessness and the risks for people who are homeless physically and mentally and I've enjoyed getting to know Kevin through that and his dog Elivs. We definitely get deeper into Kevin's story in this part of the book. 

This installment drives the plot forwards in terms of Regan's bucket list and her life plans. She ticks off a couple of things on her list and takes steps towards having her own business. I really like the steps that she took towards this (no spoilers here) and I'll be really interested to see how this develops in future parts. There's also the potential to develop more side characters from her new business plan and I am looking forward to seeing where that goes. Chloe is an interesting side character and sub plot and I really hope we get to see and hear a bit more from her in future parts because I feel like she is important but we don't really know how she fits into Regan's life as much because she is such a distance away...

So part 2 of Pebble Beach definitely got darker, we got to know people more and we moved on with Regan's life plan. I am itching to find out what happens in part 3!

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