Monday 13 April 2020

Bout of Books 27.5 Readathon Wrap Up

So last week was the low-key Bout of Books Safe At Home Redathon. You can read all the details about the readathon and my TBR in this post here.

My aim for the week was, as always, to read 7 books in 7 days. And then my TBR came from the books I have for review that are released on the 16th April. 

I achieved both of these goals so I would call this readathon a big success for me. It was also really nice having the reading in place reading sprints at various points in the day, I found them very anchoring and whilst I only managed the 7pm reading sprint at the weekend I did participate in most of the daytime ones... which you'll see in my vlog. I'll link my vlog below once it is up. 

Here are the books I read with the page counts and links to any reviews I have already posted. 

Ebook, 90 pages, my review

Audiobook, 272 pages

Audiobook, 416 pages, my review

Ebook, 400 pages

Audiobook, 320 pages

Ebook, 304 pages

Audiobook, 416 pages

Ebook, 400 pages, my review 

Total pages: 2618
Novels: 7 (4 audiobooks, 3 ebooks)
Novellas: 1 (ebook)

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