Monday 27 April 2020

Review: Meet Me At Pebble Beach, Sink or Swim (Part 3) by Bella Osborne

This is the third part in a brand new four-part serial from Bella Osborne. Make sure you read parts one and two first! (There may be spoilers for part 1 and 2 ahead!)
Regan has just started to find her groove when tragedy strikes – threatening to send her right back to square one. But with her new market stall confirmed, she has plenty to keep her busy… and that’s before you add a hot fireman, a new four-legged friend and some sticky situations to the mix. 
But business is slow, and Regan is starting to doubt whether this is the right path for her after all…

Can she get her new business out of troubled waters?

Review: Wow this installment really drove the plot forwards, literally so much happens in this latest part of the series I hardly know where to start. If you've read parts 1 and 2 you'll know that Regan has a lot of irons in the fire and a lot of plans in place and it was great that in this book we get to see all of those plans coming to ahead and some of those plans being executed. 

We finally get to see a bit more of Chloe in this installment too, I have waited to find out more about Chloe since we began the series and so I'm pleased to be able to put more of a face to a name so to speak. In 'In Too Deep' the drama really ramped up a notch and I would say that the drama stays high in 'Sink or Swim' so much happens. There are some sad moments and some happy moments and I would say that this author has stuck a good balance of emotions here. 

I don't want to say too much more about 'Sink or Swim' because I don't want to give spoilers. Regan is learning a lot about jam and a lot about herself and her own way of life in the meantime. I can see things being set up for the climax of this series all along the way in this episode and I really can't wait to see how Bella wraps things up in Meet Me at Pebble Beach. 

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