Saturday 25 April 2020

Social Distance Book Fest Panels!

Its finally time for the Social Distance Book Fest, where you can stay home while supporting authors and indie bookstores, and hopefully add a few new books to your TBR! 

This is an all day event created by a dedicated group of bookworms from all corners of the internet. It includes 18 panels, more than 80 authors, virtual Fandom Meetups, virtual signing opportunities, and some amazing giveaways! Check out our website and social media linked below for all the details, and check out our page where you can order books from featured authors and support indie bookstores. 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s COVID-19 Fund. We hope you take advantage of everything the book fest has to offer, and in case you miss any interesting panels, check out our playlist of all the panels and meetups, which will continue to be available for viewing

Here's the website will allllllll the info in one place:

And her's the SDBF BookshopDotOrg page:

VERY Important, here's our  Panel Playlist: This is where you can click through to see all the panel, set reminders so you don't miss any and also watch any you did miss after the event is over, this will be here for you to enjoy whenever you want to...

And for all the latest updates, here's our links to social media, they'll have plenty going on during and after the event!

Here's another reminder of my panel... That thumbnail will look a lot prettier once it has been live!

Featuring all these amazing books and authors...


And don't forget I have a Giveaway of The Two Lives of Louis and Louise by Julie Cohen going on right here in celebration of the fest!

See you in the panels-enjoy the day!

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