Wednesday 28 April 2021

Guest Review: The Little Theatre by the Sea by Rosanna Ley

Faye has just completed her degree in interior design when she finds herself jobless and boyfriend-less. While debating what to do next she receives a surprise phone call from her old college friend Charlotte who now lives in Sardinia and is married to Italian hotelier, Fabio.

When Charlotte suggests that Faye relocate for a month to house-sit, Faye wonders if a summer break in sunny Sardinia might be the perfect way to recharge her batteries and think about her future.

But then Charlotte tells Faye that there's something more behind the sudden invitation: her friends Marisa and Alessandro are looking for a designer to renovate a crumbling old theatre they own in the scenic village of Deriu.

The idea certainly sounds appealing to Faye, but little does she know what she's letting herself in for if she accepts this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity . . .

Review: This is the 2nd book I have read from Rosanna Ley. The first novel I read was a powerful family story set in the sunny Mediterranean; this one is again set primarily in that area, this time on the lovely island of Sardinia. As before, the book has an enticing cover, inviting the reader to sit by the warm blue sea. I chose to listen to the audio version of the book, narrated very ably by Juliette Burton.

Having recently graduated from her interior designer course, Faye is pleased to receive an invitation from her old friend, Charlotte, to visit her in the Sardinian village of Deriu, and house-sit for a while. Charlotte has an ulterior motive, in that she wants Faye to take a look at the little village theatre, which is in dire need of restoration. On arrival in the town, Faye is met with hostility from a few of the inhabitants who it seems are against plans to renovate the building. Even the owners, Marisa and Alessandro Rinaldi, are at odds over what should be done with the old theatre. Faye wonders whether she should forget the project and return home to the UK, an idea which grows in her mind as she discovers that her parents are having problems of their own. However, she is finding herself increasingly drawn to the picturesque little village, both by its theatre and the enigmatic and handsome Alessandro Rinaldi.

In common with the first book I read from Rosanna Ley, this story grabbed my attention right from the start and kept me absorbed until the very end. It is filled with strong characters, including some who are a little scary or mysterious. There is an air of mystery that is kept up throughout the story concerning the attitude of the villagers and the actions of Alessandro Rinaldi. As well as the central theme of what to do with the quaint old theatre, there are several solid subplots cleverly woven into the book. I can thoroughly recommend this book; it is so much more than what the title suggests, covering a vast range of topics alongside a woman’s dream to restore a building to its former glory.

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