Friday 30 April 2021

Review: A Taste of Home by Heidi Swain

 Fliss Brown has grown up living with her mother on the Rossi family’s Italian fruit farm. But when her mother dies, Fliss finds out she has a family of her own, and heads back to England with Nonna Rossi’s recipe for cherry and almond tart and a piece of advice: connect with your family before it is too late…

Fliss discovers that her estranged grandfather owns a fruit farm himself, on the outskirts of Wynbridge, and she arrives to find a farm that has fallen into disrepair. Using her knowledge gleaned from working on the Rossi farm and her desire to find out more about her past, Fliss rolls her sleeves up and gets stuck in. But what will she discover, and can she resurrect the farm’s glory days and find a taste of home…?

Review: Oh what a treat to be back in Wynbridge in the summertime and this time we have that mix of family and returning home with an Italian twist! I defy anyone to read this and not find themselves looking at fruit farms in a whole new light every time they go past one!

I loved getting to meet Fliss. Like a lot of Heidi Swain's characters she begins the book being a little lost. The start of this book does have a care warning for recent loss of a loved one so just bear that in mind. I loved the bend that Fliss had in her upbringing. She had a single mum and definitely had a strong British identity mixed with Italian and then that wander lust that is always great to read about in other people especially during this time. I loved watching Fliss grow over the course of the book and I feel like this won't be the last we've heard from her, I really hope it isn't anyway!

This story does have a cross--generational element to it as well since Fliss learns that she has grandparents living just outside Wynbridge. It really love when we have two characters from different generations who get to each learn from one another and Heidi Swain made sure that this was a mutual process and not just one sided! I really loved getting to know our other new characters too-however it was so great to get to revisit old characters we have met in previous books. 

Although this book does feature characters from Heidi Swain's previous novels it is definitely a standalone and you don't have to have read and enjoyed all of the previous books to fall in love with this one too. And fear not, you don't have to have an interest in fruit farming to allow yourself to be fully absrobed into this storyline, it works on so many levels but will almost certainly make you hungry for food and for more from this gorgeous author's world!

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