Monday 12 April 2021

Review: The Best Is Yet To Come by Katy Colins

 Sometimes it’s the things we don’t say that we need others to hear the loudest.... 

Izzy has always taken everything in her stride, but motherhood is proving more difficult than she thought. She keeps telling herself it’s just a phase, but the dark clouds are starting to appear.

Neighbour and widower Arthur might be in the winter of his life, but he’s not ready to be packed off to a care home. He’s determined to do things his way.

When Izzy hears about Arthur’s big move, she offers to help. But Arthur isn’t telling her the whole story. It takes courage to admit you need a friend, and when you feel invisible, all you need is a ray of hope. After all, what if the best is yet to come?

Review: You know when you start a book and you can just feel from the beginning that it's going to be something to pull you in and not let you put it down? That was this book, I knew I was going to love it, the question was just going to be where this journey took me. 

This book follows two characters, I love. dual narrative but I love it even more when those two characters are so different from one another. I think if I had to choose I would pick Izzy's story because Izzy is so easy to relate to and so like me aside from the fact that I don't have a new baby to deal with right now. I feel like we can learn so much from her because she's just trying to keep up appearances like every other new mum, they all seem like they have it together on social media and in the bay groups and so she's doesn't feel like she can ask for help because then it would look like she's failing. I wanted so much to jump into the book and just let her go and have a nap or do some shopping for her, help her out in some way. I loved getting to know Izzy and watching her grow over the course of the book. 

Then we have Arthur who is very similar to Izzy in a lot of ways in so much as he doesn't want o ask for help, he wants to do things his own way and in a way that will respect the wishes of his late wife Pearl. I love Arthur's mindset too and really wanted to also jump into the book to help him and give him someone who will listen to his and not just team roller his wishes. His story is definitely harder to relate to on some levels but also very relatable on other levels. Cross-generational stories are very much a trend right now but this one seems different from the others and I loved watching Izzy and Arthur exist alongside each other not know just how similar they were.

Don't et me wrong, this book isn't all character struggling with things in their lives, there are some funny moments and definitely some heart warming moments as well. Izzy and Andrew seem to have a sort of sitcom style of relationship where you can see Andrew doing the wrong thing thinking its the right thing and it's almost like you're waiting for the canned laughter to sound but I really enjoyed watching Andrew get to know his new wife and daughter. And then there are the neighbors in Izzy and Arthur's street, they really do provide a lot of humour that could almost be playing our in our own streets its just so very very British!

I highly recommend this novel, it really provided a whole lot of escapism. I listened to the audiobook that I requested from my library and the narrator really brought the story to life. I loved listening and I really think you will love reading this book too.

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