Friday 14 May 2021

Bout of Books 31 Day 4 Update

I left the house at about 9am this morning and I didn't get back until about 9pm but I actually had a great reading day because I was in the car most of that time and so I was listening to audiobook basically all day. I even did my old classic (that I haven't done in more than a year so is it still a classic?) of listening to my audiobook whilst waiting for a film to start in the cinema!

What I Read

I just read the one book today but I read all 429 pages of it so... I will be making a book vs movie of this one as soon as I have watched the film tonight so look for that one coming on my channel soon. I have to say though I really didn't get the hype around this-maybe I'll like the film better?

Pages Read Today: 429

Pages Read This Week: 1661

Complete Books Finished: 5

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