Tuesday 11 May 2021

Review: People We Meet on Vacation / You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry



12 SUMMERS AGO: Poppy and Alex meet. They hate each other, and are pretty confident they'll never speak again.

11 SUMMERS AGO: They're forced to share a ride home from college and by the end of it a friendship is formed. And a pact: every year, one vacation together.

10 SUMMERS AGO: Alex discovers his fear of flying on the way to Vancouver.
Poppy holds his hand the whole way.

7 SUMMERS AGO: They get far too drunk and narrowly avoid getting matching tattoos in New Orleans.

2 SUMMERS AGO: It all goes wrong.

THIS SUMMER: Poppy asks Alex to join her on one last trip. A trip that will determine the rest of their lives.

Review: Ok this book was a little slow to get going and so it definitely took some sticking with for the first part but once we got going this one felt like When Harry Met Sally with moments from You've Got Mail mixed in with some of the fun vacations you've been on yourself and so it was definitely a win for me!

I really liked spending time with Poppy and Alex. I could relate to Poppy because she keeps on hustling and she has managed to make a living out of what started out as a bit of a side hustle. I could relate to Alex because he definitely takes life a little on the serious side and he is a teacher so he was definitely speaking to me on my level. I didn't always love the choices these characters made but I did enjoy spending the book with them and I definitely wanted the best for both of them!

I listened to the audiobook in this instance and I thought the narration was pretty good. I will say that this book jumps back and forth between vacations from the past and the current vacation that we first meet Poppy planning so you do have to concentrate whilst listening to make sure you're on the right time line. I also have the physical book and it definitely makes it clearer if you are reading that so bear that in mind. The shifting back and forth though did mean that the story was more compelling because each vacation has an impact on where Alex and Poppy are now both emotionally and physically. 

I really loved the friendship that Poppy and Alex have, I love where they have come from and I love where they are now and it was definitely worth listening through the slow start to get to the rest of the book because then it was very hard to step away from. 

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