Sunday 16 May 2021

Bout of Books 31 Day 6 Update


I know this post is late but I was up ,way way too late last night reading and sewing and so I had a slow start to my Sunday! I joined the Twitter chat this morning and then listened to a whole lot more audiobook. I also took part in the Twitter sprint this morning which helped me almost finish the paperback I started yesterday. 

What I Read

I read the last 117 pages of this one. It really was excellent so make sure to look out for my review soon!

I really got into this one tonight and stayed up waaaaaay too late listening and gasping and crying. I couldn't quite manage to finish it because it was like 3am and I had to sleep but I read 80% of this equating to 320 pages. 

Pages Read Today: 437

Pages Read This Week: 2666

Complete Books Finished: 7

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