Monday 10 May 2021

Review: Nothing New For Sophie Drew by Katey Lovell

 Sophie Drew is thirty, single and stuck in a dead-end job; convinced everyone around her has their lives in order as she's stuck muddling through.

When a final demand from the bank makes her realise how dire her financial situation is, Sophie becomes determined to pay off her debts and take back control. 

During her reinvention, Sophie meets attractive charity worker Max and things start to look up, but her best friends have other plans. With spendthrift ex Darius back on the scene, she finds herself in a dilemma. 

Will Sophie fall back into her old ways, or can she find the confidence to make the right decisions and find happiness?   

Review: I love how the title of this book plays into the plot the whole way through. So many books never talk about finances or money or how a characters is paying for their lifestyle and so it is so refreshing to see a book where the premise is based around just that. I know we read to escape our financial worries sometimes but reading about someone who has tried to live beyond their means and sustain an unrealistic lifestyle is so timely especially right now when a lot of people are out of a job is so encouraging. Is Sophie Drew can do it, we can too!

Sophie is just a lovely character to spend this novel with. She is such a trusting soul with a massive heart and a great work ethic. I love that Sophie has such a great relationship with her family and such a realistic relationship with her friends. She is definitely very easy to relate to and I really enjoyed spending this novel with her. I know we have more to come from Sophie and so I cam glad I will get to continue her journey with her. 

Another way that this book differs from this norm is that this novel is set in Newcastle. I honestly can't remember ever reading a novel set there and yet so much happens around that city it is surprising no one has mined it for girly adventures and romantic nights out. Speaking of romance there is just the right dose of it in this novel. I wouldn't say that it is part of the main plot but definitely a sub plot and something else that we get to experience with Sophie and I enjoyed trying to guess who was going to win her heart in the end.

Just like in The Singalong Society for Singletons, we see just how important female friendships are and how hard we should fight not to loose them. I loved that we got to travel somewhere different on a hen do in this book and I got to live vicariously through Sophie and her pals. Overall the premise and the setting of this book are what stand out for me. They are so unique and so refreshing and I can't wait for this series to continue. 

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