Saturday 23 July 2022

Guest Review: The Story of the World in 100 Moments By Neil Oliver

From Genghis Khan's domination on earth to Armstrong's first steps on the moon, discover the 100 moments that defined humanity and shaped our world forever.

Neil Oliver takes us on a whistle-stop tour around the world and through a million years to give us this unique and invaluable grasp of how human history pieces together.

From the east to the west, north to south, these 100 moments act like stepping stones allowing us to make sense of how these pivotal events have shaped the world we know today.

Including many moments readers will expect - from the advent of the printing press to the birth of the internet - there are also surprises, and with them, some remarkable, unforgettable stories that give a whole new insight on our past.

Review: This is the archaeologist, historian and television presenter Neil Oliver’s sweeping review of the documented history of the world by describing 100 key moments. These are when events, discoveries, ideas or inventions changed the course of the subsequent history of the world.

As the author describes in his introduction, it is a personal list of the key moments that influenced his own perspective of history. He also hopes that it will instigate thought and discussion among readers as to what their own list would include. Starting with the first named writer and poet, a priestess in Mesopotamia, and finishing with the last living survivors of the world wars of the 20th century, the book covers a wide expanse of time and geography. Amongst the events described are: the proclamation in the city of Eboracum (present day York) of Constantine as Roman emperor; Alfred the Great establishing the foundations of England; Mongols declaring Genghis Khan as their leader; Johannes Gutenberg developing his printing press; and Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon.

Although there were occasions when I found the author’s use of language somewhat flamboyant, I found this to be a wide-ranging and interesting book. Each of the 100 moments is fairly short, making it easy to pick up and dip into for either a brief or a longer read. The book also achieved its aim of making me think about which particular moments I would choose. For enthusiasts of history, from ancient to modern, I would recommend this book.

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