Saturday 13 August 2022

Guest Review: More Cricket Extras By David Rayvern Allen

A collection of anecdotes, statistics and trivia from the world of cricket. The book lists cricket's greatest hits which features extraordinary feats with bat and ball. It looks at some unlikely but famous cricketers and recounts tales of hi-jinks from the cricket broadcasting world.

Review: This is a follow-up to the author’s previous book “Cricket Extras”. It is a collection of anecdotes and strange facts relating to the sport of cricket. Divided into different chapters covering such topics as varied as: cricket and politics; disputes that ended up as court cases; and famous cricketing thespians, the book is trawl through some of the stranger stories relating to the game. It covers some of the more unusual events that have occurred throughout the world. At the end of the book, there is a short collection of cricket-related poems, some amusing and some reflective.

Although somewhat dated (the book was published in 1992), I found it to be an amusing and quirky collection of anecdotes. It should appeal to all enthusiasts of the game, wherever they are in the world.

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