Thursday 27 October 2022

Guest Review: A White Christmas on Winter St. by Sue Moorcroft

When Sky Terran returns to the village of Middledip after losing the job she loves, she anticipates a quiet Christmas getting used to her new life. However, the annual street decoration competition is coming up and this year, the residents of Winter Street are determined to win.

As she is pulled into the preparations, Sky quickly grows to love the quirky, tight-knit community she is now part of. Including the extremely handsome Daz, who soon becomes more than just a friendly neighbour.

But when Daz’s ex turns up determined to win him back and it seems he might not be the man Sky thought he was, she remembers how much allowing people into her life – and heart – can hurt. As the snow falls, will she and Daz find a way through – and help win a Christmas victory for Winter Street?

Review: I am a confirmed fan of Sue Moorcroft’s writing and especially look forward to her Christmas book each year. She writes stories that are bound to leave the reader feeling well in the mood for the festive season. I was delighted to find that this book was going to take me back to the Cambridgeshire village of Middledip, the setting for many of her previous tales. As expected, I was quickly lost in the world of the characters and looking forward to Christmas in this little village.

The story concerns a newcomer to Middledip, Sky Terran. She has left her once-happy job working with a property developer who she has known since childhood, and bought a run-down house on Winter Street. She is planning to renovate the house and grounds  gradually, but the committee in charge of the annual Christmas decoration competition, entered by Winter Street this year, has other plans. She finds that she is expected to have her garden tidied and decorated within a matter of days. Luckily, she finds that she has willing helpers in her neighbours, especially Daz and his friends. As she finds herself becoming drawn closer to Daz, his ex-wife turns up obviously intent on winning back his affections. Relations become strained between Sky and this handsome man, but with the excitement of the competition growing in the background, can they overcome their difficulties and give in to the obvious attraction between them?

I absolutely loved this story. As a regular reader of Sue Moorcroft’s books, I enjoyed returning to Middledip and some familiar faces and locations, although there were plenty of new characters to meet as well. I liked Sky and her determination to branch out on her own after she was let down by someone she trusted. I could understand her being pulled towards the lovely house she bought, but, with its run-down interior and jungle of a garden, what a job she was giving herself. She has had a troubled past and found it hard to accept help, but what better person could she open up to but the gorgeous and dependable Daz; he’s definitely a neighbour we would all like to have. I’m sure that even if you haven’t read any of the other stories set in Middledip, you can’t fail to be drawn to the village and its inhabitants, new and old. With all the twinkly lights and heaps of snow, this is one Christmas book that will leave all its readers humming Christmas songs and looking forward to their own festivities.

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