Monday 3 October 2022

Guest Review: Happy Endings at Mermaids Point by Sarah Bennett

Music sensation Aurora Storm finally has her career back on track, but then she’s caught up in a media storm. Desperate to distract from the story, she enlists the one man she trusts to pretend to be her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, in the small seaside village of Mermaids Point, Nick Morgan never expected to see Aurora again. When she calls out of the blue needing his help, he agrees at once. It feels like she’s back in his life for a reason, and he’s determined to make the most of it.

Aurora joins Nick and the rest of his family for their festive celebrations and, as the snow falls, Aurora finds herself caught up in the romance of Christmas. But having tasted worldwide fame, can she ever be content with village life?

Two weeks is all Nick has to prove to Aurora that there’s a happy ending for them both in Mermaids Point.

Review: This is the fifth, and last, book in this series set in the little seaside town of Mermaids Point. I have enjoyed this series of stories which centres on two of the families living in the town, with newcomers in each addition. Every book in the series has had a particularly pretty, colourful cover depicting the story within, this one showing a snowy Christmas scene. 

In this story, the reader is treated to the return of a familiar face from the first book in the series, singer Aurora Storm. She has been enjoying huge popularity, but is suddenly involved in a scandal whipped up by the media. Remembering a previous occasion when she sought shelter in the town, she contacts her friend Nick Morgan who agrees to help her. What starts out as a pretend romance between Aurora and Nick for the world to see quickly becomes real. As she becomes involved in family life and Christmas preparations in the town, Aurora wonders whether she might enjoy life in the slow lane after becoming jaded with the giddy world she has been living in.  

I found this a compelling story and quickly became absorbed in the lives of the characters. It was so well written that I found myself worrying what was going to happen to Aurora and what would be revealed next in the media with potential to hurt her further. She was very lucky to know such a sympathetic and understanding person as the handsome Nick. It was heart-warming to see the community rally around to help in any way they could; Mermaids Point certainly comes over as a place where residents look after each other and anyone would want to live. It has been wonderful reading all about the town and the people who live there. I can recommend the whole series. I am already looking forward to Sarah Bennet’s next book. 

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