Wednesday 19 October 2022

Guest Review: Christmas in Paris by Tilly Tennant

As the snow flutters down on the Eiffel Tower and fairy lights sparkle on the pavement cafés of Paris, meet the girl determined not to fall in love in the most romantic city in the world…

When Brooke arrives in Paris at Christmas, it feels like the perfect place to escape after being dumped by her long-term boyfriend. And while her head might be turned by the romance of couples strolling arm in arm along the riverbank, and the air scented with chocolat chaud, her heart remains firmly under lock and key – this trip is going to be about her.

Brooke might be able to resist the charms of one persuasive Frenchman who takes her to some of Paris’s most romantic spots, but when a chance encounter leads her to green-eyed Armand with his dark wavy hair and warm smile, she is annoyed to feel her heart skip a beat…

Still, what’s the harm of a holiday romance with no strings attached? Brooke is sure she can play it cool. But when Armand opens his heart to her in a candlelit restaurant and kisses her at the top of the Eiffel Tower, she throws caution to the wind. Armand isn’t her ex – and doesn’t she deserve a second chance at love?

But when Armand begins to blow hot and cold, she wonders if she has been taken for a fool. Why does he never answer his phone? Who is the mysterious tall blonde French woman who always seems to be watching Brooke? And when Armand leaves Paris without warning as Christmas Eve approaches, should Brooke try and find out more about the stranger she has found herself falling for?

Review: As other fans of her books will no doubt agree, Tilly Tennant writes great Christmas stories. The pull of the festive season in Paris coupled with the promise of romance from the wonderful cover had me excited to read her latest Christmas offering.

The story focuses on Brooke and her best friend and business partner, Felicity. Brooke is heart-broken after being dumped by her long-time boyfriend and both girls hope that a month in Paris selling their custom-made jewellery and fabric products at the Christmas markets may help her recover. The one thing that Brooke is adamant about is that she is not going to succumb to the charms of any Frenchmen, no matter how romantic the setting. However, she didn’t count on a chance meeting with the dashingly handsome Armand. Trying to keep their relationship low key doesn’t work, and soon she is falling in love. However, Brooke suddenly finds herself in the middle of a mystery, and at the same time Armand begins to behave in a strange way and odd things happen to herself and Felicity. She is left wondering if she has been foolish to let a man into her heart or if she should continue to find out more about him.

This is a lovely Christmassy story, with romance and mystery mixed in with the sparkling lights and tinsel, set against the backdrop of this famously glamorous city. The reader is taken on a tour of the sights and to many exotic locations, the writing so powerful that the sounds and smells of Paris came floating right off the page. I loved that there was an element of intrigue built into the story, taking it to a new level, with danger lurking in the background of the festivities. The central characters in the story are interesting and well developed. I particularly liked Felicity with her bold, no-nonsense attitude while being fiercely protective of her friend. Of course, who could not be attracted to Armand, a courteous and handsome companion with whom to stroll the streets of Paris. I would recommend this as a book which should definitely join the list to read this Christmas.

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