Monday 9 January 2023

Bout of Books 36 Update and Wrap Up!

Well this week didn't go the way I had planned! I woke up Tuesday morning feeling so so ill with no voice and it just got worse and worse through the week, I'm still ill now! I have filmed some content for the vlog but I'm considering whether to post it or not because I can't actually talk during it and so it will just be a lot of voiceover when my voice finally comes back. 

So who's ready for some stats?

My best reading day was definitely Monday because 1. I wasn't working and 2. I wasn't ill yet! I read a couple of entire books on Monday and I also read over the entire day!

I buddy read this with Hayley over the course of the week and so read it from Monday to Saturday. This comes out in April so look for my review closer to publication day. 

400 pages

I loved listening to this one audiobook over the first couple of days!

224 Pages

This was a christmas gift and is perfect if you're a fan of this series. It was joyful and it smelled amazing!

160 Pages

I read parts 3 and 4 of this series, I have a full review on the blog.

100 Pages

100 Pages

This was the last book that I finished and was another physical copy. It comes out in February which is ironic because that is the name of the main character!

432 Pages

This was the second and last audiobook I read this week, who knew I would read more ebooks than audiobooks? I read this one so that I can watch the film and make a book vs movie video for you very soon!

326 Pages 

Pages Read This Week: 1742
Complete Books Finished: 7

I can't actually believe I made this a 7 in 7 readathon with everything that was going on this week. I guess I wasn't the kind of sick where I can't focus on reading great books. This was an amazing start to my reading year and even though I didn't engage with the chats or the instagram challenges or the daily updates I still felt the Bout of Books vibes running through me over the course of the week. Lookout for the vlog coming soon and let me know in the comments what you read this week!

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