Wednesday 11 January 2023

Guest Review: Together Under a Snowy Skye by Lisa Hobman

After the heartbreak of a secret unrequited love, Millie Treadaway has finally found someone to spend her life with.

Harry Rose is handsome, successful and treats her like a princess. That is until Millie presents her fiancé with a surprise birthday gift, and their future is suddenly doomed.

Eight months later Millie returns to Glentorrin on the Isle of Skye for her best friend Jules’ Christmas wedding. Heartbroken, single and heavily pregnant.

Staying in Lifeboat Cottage with Jules’ brother, kindhearted Dexter, she’s given up on love and resigned herself to be the best single Mum ever.

But a shock phone call from Harry leaves her reeling and doubting herself and her decisions.

Do second chances work? Or is Dexter, right? That she deserves much more?

Can the festive spirit in Glentorrin, and a little stray Jack Russell terrier, heal her heart?

Or is she fated to remain a member of the lonely-hearts club forever?

Review: This is the fourth in a collection of books by this author set on the beautiful Scottish island of Skye. Once again, the reader is presented with a beautiful cover, this time showing that they are going to be treated to a Christmas trip to the island. As with the other books in the collection, I listened to the audio format of the story and very much enjoyed the presentation. As this book is a sequel, there are lots of familiar characters in the story, but each book can be read as a standalone.

In this story we are reunited with Millie, best friend of Juliette, the main character in the first book in this series. Millie has been in a happy dream relationship with Harry, which suddenly becomes strained beyond breaking point when she presents him with a surprise on his birthday. Suddenly, she finds herself single, pregnant and uncertain as to what the future may hold. She is lucky to have a good friend in Juliette, who supports her through this troubled time. Even though she is heavily pregnant, Millie decides to travel to the village of Glentorrin in Skye, for Juliette’s Christmas wedding. There she shares the cottage beside the museum with Juliette’s brother, Dexter, with whom she has been friends for many years. He takes her under his wing, even agreeing to adopt the little dog, Nigel, who appears on their doorstep one night, making his way into Millie’s heart. When Harry turns up unexpectedly pleading for a second chance, Millie is torn. She has long since realised that she has more than friendly feelings towards Dexter, but he doesn’t appear to share any romantic thoughts towards her and she has to consider the best future for her baby as well as herself.

I thought that this was a really appealing and heart-warming festive story, full of emotion and romance. The characters were well-developed and, in the main, likeable. The one who stood out as being so totally different from all the others was Harry; I couldn’t have disliked anyone more. Fortunately, he wasn’t in the forefront of the story very often. The sense of community in the little Skye village shone through as in the other books I have read in this collection; it was nice to catch up with the villagers. My favourite character in this book had to be Dexter; what a thoroughly likeable, kind-hearted guy he was, ready to help anyone, any time in his quiet way. Of course, he has to share the limelight with little Nigel; he turned out to be a super, loyal dog, and what a priceless name for a Jack Russell terrier! I can highly recommend this book, but be prepared to shed a few tears of sadness and joy along the way. I’m now looking forward to reading more books from Lisa Hobman - she has quickly become a favourite of mine.

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