Thursday 12 January 2023

Reading Review of 2022: How Many Books Did I Read and What Other Bookish Things Did I Achieve?

 I have enjoyed doing this post for the past few years now. I go through each month of the year and reflect on my reading (and my life) during that month. It was more exciting when I wasn't working and I read everything all the time but I still enjoy reflecting and I hope that you do too!


I read books this month (14 books less than Jan 2021!0
I started a new job in a new school in a new key stage!
I got covid and had a week off to read but I basically read NOTHING!

This was my favourite...


I read 5 books this month (19 books less than Feb last year!).
I only read audiobooks this month and discovered the joy of reading on my commute again. 
I wasn't passionately moved by anything I read this month.

This was my favourite...


I read 3 books this month (that's 13 less than March last year!).
It was the busiest time at work ever and so I basically just worked and then came home and slept so the only opportunity to read was on my commute once again. 
I listened to a couple of longer books which meant I didn't read as much during the commute.

This was my favourite...


I read 7 books this month.
I moved house and so enjoyed listening to audiobooks whilst unpacking-it made it so much more fun.
I re-read a book for the first time this year and loved the power of re-reading!

This was my favourite...


I read 14 books this month-a lot close to what I read last year.
I cut my may reading short because I was going on a trip and wanted to wrap up early and extend my June reading to something I might read on my 9 hour flight!
Like last year, some of my favourite books popped up this month!

These were my favourites...


I read 10 books this month.
I focused on queer books for pride month.
I did an awesome author interview again on my channel

This was my favourite...


I read 9 books this month-finally a month where I read more than last year!
I thought I might read more this month since I broke up from school but those last 2 weeks of school were too busy and too hot to read so I was reliant on that first week of the holidays which was filled with appointments I can't get to during term time. 
I attended 9 events at the Harrogate International Crime Festival for the first time!

These were my favourites...


I read 19 books this month, way more than last year and the same as the year before-yey!
I took part in bout of books again which was really exciting because I felt like I could do it properly for the first time.
I read some great books this month and used road trips in the car to catch up on some of the audiobooks on my TBR!

These were my favourites...


I read 5 books this month and DNFd 1 book.
I started teaching again (yey!) so I had more time to read on my commute (double yey!)
I struggled to read anything outside of my commute so this was basically all audiobooks again.

This was my favourite...


I read 5 books this month. 
I didn't ADORE anything that I read this month...
Book vs movie videos took charge this month (just like last year and the year before!)

This was my favourite...


I read 7 books this month.
I did nonfiction November and read 4 nonfiction books
I also did Netgalley November and read 2 books for review yey!
Just like last November I feel like I stuck well to my TBR this month

This was my favourite...


I read 6 books this month.
I knew this wasn't going to be a great month for reading for me...
I went to Disney World for a week and then had 3 different Xmas days at home?
I posted multiple vlogmas videos which I am very proud of!

This was my favourite...

All in all I read 89 books this year. I started a new job in a new school and moved to a new town. I moved houses within that town and looks like I'll be moving house again in early 2023. My new job drains most of my reading energy during the week so the fact that I still am managing to read 1.7 books a week, review a lot of those books and attend book events with my freinds is HUGE for me. 

I don't have sepcific 2023 reading goals apart from reading books by my favourite authors once more and hopefully getting back out to even more book events but I'd love to hear how your reading year went in 2022 and what your reading goals are for 2023!

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