Monday 30 January 2023

Review: All My Love by Miranda Dickinson

 Sometimes love can be staring you in the face . . . and you don’t even know it

By day, Archie works tirelessly as assistant to the editor of a local newspaper.

By night, Esther works after hours cleaning the rows of office desks with the help of her trusty sidekick, Fred the trolley.

Their paths have never crossed, until one discarded Post-it note unexpectedly brings them together.

Because they share one thing in common . . . they’re both secretly in love with someone else.

And they might just be the two people who can help each other find the courage to confess their feelings and write the perfect love letter.

But what if they’re falling for the wrong person?

Review: the way this book just hooks you in and you are instantly connected to these 2 characters, you want to know them, you want them to know each other and you are just so drawn into their stories, separately and the thing that ties them together. I love any kind of dual narrative when I'm reading, but one that starts in post-its back and forth. It was giving me flatshare vibes and it was giving me Jojo Moyes Cecelia Ahern vibes. I just loved this book from the word go. 

Archie and Esther are two very different people, they are on different tracks in life and yet somehow they very tenuous share the same workspace and this is what connects them. The other thing that connects them though is their love for love. Romantic love and family love and I just loved that about them. Both our main characters are at a bit of a crossroads both personally and professionally and so they have this in common too but they feel very differently about their own personal crossroads. I love Esther's spirit, she doesn't let anything break her, She has her goals in mind and she will do what it takes to get there. Archie on the other hand is very malleable and soft-centred and so definitely needs a push in the right direction to assert himself in any areas of his life. 

One thing that Miiranda Dickinson always has in her novels is music, particularly live music and this book is no exception. There is a playlist at the end of the book but most importantly there is also a band. A band made up of mostly old men. A band who are not very good at playing music but form the heart of this book. This band is so pivotal to so many major scenes in this book. It has heart and it is the grounding force for both Archie and eventually Esther too and so make sure you pay close attention when the band of the old guys comes up because you know that something is about to be revealed or some drama is going to unfold!

There is such heart and such love in this book I could literally feel it warming my heart. I wanted to keep turning the pages right from the beginning and I loved getting to know Archie, Esther, their workmates, their families and of course, the band, so much over the course of the book. It's one of those books that you didn't want to end and the only thing I can hope for now is a sequel or at the very least, a novella of an epilogue!

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