Wednesday 9 August 2023

Guest Review: From Cornwall with Love by Cressida McLaughlin

Sunshine awaits in the beautiful Cornish coastal town of Port Karadow where romance and a Cornish cream tea are always on the menu …

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like Cornwall…

Maisie Winters has everything she could ever want. She lives in the idyllic Cornish town of Port Karadow, has a jammy job in her dad's shop, adores her rescue mutt, and has time to take the landscape photos she loves.

While her best friend and sister left the town to chase big dreams in London and New York, Maisie stayed – she wouldn't leave her favourite place for anything … or anyone.

When her long-time crush, Colm Caffrey, returns from a decade abroad, old feelings start to resurface. Maisie begins to ask herself if there might be one big thing missing after all?

Review: This is book 8 in the Cornish Cream Tea series from this author. Stories in this series follow events in the Cornish seaside villages of Port Karadow and nearby Porthgolow, and the lives of their inhabitants and visitors. I have been following this series from the very start and have enjoyed finding out how things progress for the characters as the story grows. As well as newcomers, there are several recurring characters in each book, a feature which I always enjoy. Although each book is part of the series, they can all be read as a standalone if preferred. I should mention the gorgeous cover on this book; it sets the scene for the story, enticing the reader to enjoy a walk on the sand and perhaps dip a toe into the blue sea.

This story focuses on Maisie, who is lucky enough to have lived in Port Karadow since birth and now runs the local ironmongery shop, having taken over the business from her father. She is already friends with many of the characters who readers will recognise from previous books in the series, but is surprised to bump into Colm, who has just returned to the town after disappearing off to Australia many years ago, breaking her heart in the process. While he seems keen to rekindle their friendship, she is wary of being hurt again; after all, she thinks that she has all she needs with her work and her friends. However, involvement in the organisation of a local event may just bring them together.

I just love this series, and this is yet another wonderful story to add to the set. There are yet more interesting and likeable characters to meet in this story and an enjoyable joint venture between the two villages. As with Cressida McLaughlin’s other books, there are plenty of adorable canines for the dog lovers amongst the readers. Although not central to the story, the Cream Tea Bus, which started off the whole series, and its owner make an appearance once again, so there are some mouthwatering bakery items on offer. It was great getting to know Maisie, who proved to be quite a formidable force. Once Colm’s story emerged, I was willing the pair to get together. I can recommend this book and think it would be a great title to read on the beach. I’m hoping that there will be more books to add to this series soon.

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