Wednesday 23 August 2023

Bout of Books 38 Day 2 Update


Day 2 was meant to be more about being at home and reading the ebooks that were on my list and whilst i tried to read over breakfast out, over lunch at home and in the sunshine I was really struggling to engage. I worked out (whilst vlogging) that it's not the books faults its just because I'm getting ready to go on my trip and I'm really excited and runnighn through everything I need to do and pack in my head. So I leaned into that and just took my audiobook and packed. I know it seems extreme packing on a Tuesday for a trip that leaves Saturday but firstly I'm heading down there Friday morning and secondly, once I get that urge to pack, it just can't be ignored. I listend to a lot of audiobook in the car and in the gym and hopefully now my head is packed I will read more ebook tomorrow. 

First book of the readathon finished!

Here's what I read on Day 3

26 pages

I finished readinng this one: 268 pages

Pages Read Day 1: 294
Pages Read This Week: 478
Complete Books Finished: 1

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