Saturday 5 August 2023

Guest Review: The Cricketer Book of Cricket Disasters & Bizarre Records Edited by Christopher Martin-Jenkins

Review: Christopher Martin-Jenkins (1945-2013) was a cricket commentator and journalist. He was also editor of the magazine “The Cricketer”. The sport of cricket lends itself to all sorts of unusual statistics and records, and this book, published in 1984, is a lighthearted compilation of some of the more unusual or remarkable achievements that were sent to the magazine.

The entries come from all over the world, including places as diverse as Fiji and Denmark, as well as from the more well-established cricketing nations. There are unusual records involving batting, bowling and wicket-keeping, together with bizarre incidents involving animals. There is also a chapter on some of the more esoteric local rules governing both first class and village cricket grounds. The book is well-illustrated with numerous photographs, several of which are from a bygone age, and humorous cartoons.

I found this to be an amusing collection of bizarre and unusual events and one which should appeal to all cricket enthusiasts.

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