Friday 30 January 2015

Weekend Reads

I'm flying this weekend and so I'm hoping to get a nice chunk of reading done whilst waiting at the airport and whilst actually flying.

I am currently reading Age, Sex,  Location by Melissa Pimentel and hopefully I'll get this finished tonight on the plane. I'm really enjoying it so far, its nice to read something that's a bit of a change of pace and if you've ever embarked on trying to find a date-I highly recommend it!

After that, I'm very excited to move on to The Two Of Us by Andy Jones. This is another debut and I've been trying to get round to reading this for ages now. Illness etc has prevented me but I'm definitely going to get onto it this weekend! I hope not to read too much in public because I think its probably going to make me cry!

As always, I'm also listening to an audiobook-zero pressure reading! I'm currently listening to The Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty and I have a couple of hours left in this one. 

The Husband's Secret

I can't decide whether to move on to fiction or non-fiction next... I've got Tina Fey's autobiography, The Hunger Games, Apple tree Yard or The No Kids Club to choose from-what do you think?

Apple Tree Yard        Bossypants          

I hope you have a great reading weekend too!

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