Wednesday 4 February 2015

Review: The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

Grief, love, regret, guilt, accident, fate, obligation – words aren’t fully able to describe the
often traumatic vagaries of life. This harrowing novel tells three stories, of three different
women, and three families. Connections emerge as the alternate stories are told over
seven crucial days in their lives, beginning on a Monday and ending on Easter Sunday.
Cecilia, Tess and Rachel are such good women ... they have lived blameless lives albeit
with one having endured a tragedy which links them all when two husbands’ secrets are
revealed. The world they know becomes a much more threatening one, and they are each
challenged in different ways.

Review: this is the third Liane Moriarty novel I have read and they all have a similar feel to them, however this sits ok with me because I really enjoy that particular feel. They seem to me to be completely different to anything else in this genere and that is why I enjoy them so much, this was definitely another 5 star read from this author for me and I can't wait to get started on her latest offering! 

The characters in this book are, like the other novels, normal middle class middle aged women who all have something dark in their past or indeed their present. They're all fairly likeable characters and all characters that we can relate to people in our own lives. The husband's secret in this case is the link that ties the three main characters in this novel together and it is so cleverly written that you don't discover everything about the secret until literally the last moment-something which I really loved. 

Like all Liane Moriarty's books, this was fast paced and full of energy, jumping between one character and another so you always have to utter the 'one more chapter' call so you can carry on with one particular characters storyline-but then you get sucked into another storyline and absolutely have to keep going with that one! I would've loved the chance to sit down an devour this in one long binge read because I think it would have been high adrenaline stuff but this book most definitely kept me going on my daily commute. I listened to this book on audiobook and so I found myself snatching every spare moment to keep reading it. 

I like the fact that this book is set in Australia because it is something a little bit different form the usual London or USA settings and so it had a. Refreshing but a little bit exotic feel about it. Overall I really loved this book, I found it easy and quick to get through but satisfying in both content and ending. The character were easy to relate to and the mystery element of the novel kept you guessing right the way through. This book has a fantastic reflective epilogue which I loved and so was well rounded to the last moment-a fabulous read! 

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