Friday 20 February 2015

Review: The Two Of Us by Andy Jones

Falling in love is the easy part. What matters most is what happens next...

Fisher and Ivy have been an item for a whole nineteen days. And they just know they are meant to be together. The fact that they know little else about each other is a minor detail. Over the course of twelve months, in which their lives will change forever, Fisher and Ivy discover that falling in love is one thing, but staying there is an entirely different story.

The Two of Us is a charming, honest and heart-breaking novel about life, love, and the importance of taking neither one for granted.

Review: there had been a lot of hype surrounding it before I read this book so I decided rather than devour it all in one go, I would take my time over it and savour each moment. I think this increased the tensions of this novel even more. It's not a thriller, it's not even specifically a romance, this novel showcases real life and that is where the tension and the hold-your-breath moments cme from in this novel, the parells with real life are on every page, in every paragraph and every sentence and that's what made it such an enjoyable book for me. 

This books drops the reader right in the action along with the characters and you follow those characters for the better part of 9 months. This makes the storyline pretty intense as you're living their life with them as they live it. There are some real high points in the book, some aww moments and a couple of poit a where you're going to need some tissues. Because this novel really showcases real life, the emotion is fairly raw and you feel the highs and lows with the characters, holding out real hope that everything is going to be ok with them. I loved the way this book began and also the way it ended. There's a epilogue for those of you like me that like that sort of thing and also a kind of parallel storyline running alongside the main point of the tale that has some seriously bittersweet moments...

I enjoyed reading about the characters in this novel and they are very realistic characters but I didn't necessarily like them all the time. Ivy is an interesting character and her balance with down to earth William (Fisher) is necessary to hold the story together. She can sometimes be fairly selfish and is a little to impulsive for my liking but overall I wanted the best for her. Fisher can also be a little selfish but I feel this is because he has never known any different, rather than the fact that he is a selfish person, he seemed surprised by a lot of things in his life and the story his almost a bit of a self discovery for him as much as anything else. 

Whilst there are emotional moments in the books, it didn't have me tearing up as much as I thought I might I think because tHe pace of the novel is fairly slow. It is true to life and will open your eyes to some of the aspects of modern day relationships and romances. Overall it was a really good read and amazingly impressive from a debut author. Have some tissue ready but also be prepared to hold your breath and laugh your socks off, can't wait until this book is out in paperback! 

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