Monday 16 March 2015

Gayle Forman Event at Foyles Charing Cross Road

Last Saturday Foyles Charing across road held a very special event with author Gayle Forman. When I saw that she was speaking in London I jumped at the chance to get tickets to go and see her. This was a free event so that was even better. 

To begin with she introduced herself and then was interviewd, asked various questions about her writing process and what she is working on just now. She revealed that her most recent novel, I was Here was written as a book she was cheating on other books with-how exciting! She also revealed that she is currently writing both a middle grade and an adult book rather than sticking with her usual age range of 'just left high school'

She also talked about books she has been loving recently and shared a fondness of Jandi Nelson novels. She then went of to do a dramatic reading with two audience members, stating that she always felt it was boring when authors read from their own work and whilst I am a fan of hearing and author read words they have written, I have to admit that the dramatic reading was excellent and funny too! 

After the q&a and the reading we were able to go and get our copies of her novels signed and meet her. 

I chose to egg my copy of If I Stay signed as this is my favourite Gayle Forman novel. She was impressed that I had the US edition and I wish I had taken my matching copy of where she went with me! 

It was lovely to hear her speak and great to meet her and I can't wait to go to another Foyles even soon as their even room is set up so well and their events are always a fabulous success! 

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  1. Oh you lucky thing Catriona, what a great evening that must have been.
    Gill x