Wednesday 4 March 2015

What made me start blogging?

As many of you will know, I began my blogging interest writing reviews for another blog and then decided to set up this blog, my own little baby.

As part of the World Book Daycampaign, ive been asked by MVC to tell my story of why I decided to start blogging and reviewing in the first place...

It all started when I joined Twitter, something which I still hold near & dear to my heart. I'd regained my love of reading since leaving university and suddenly I found a lovely community of readers who I could talk about the books I was reading with. And... *gasp* I could actually tweet the authors I loved and had always loved and they might actually tweet back! This was phenomenal to me-it was thrilling to be able to join in with the  bookish community in such an interactive way!

I then started to explore book blogs, bloggers would tweet their links and I would read their reviews and their posts and really enjoy what they had to say. I could also see the response they would get from other bloggers, authors & publishers and this seemed great.

Mary from The Sweet Bookshelf tweeted that she was drowning in review books (as us Bloggers  often are!) and so I grabbed the bull by the horns & offered to take one off her hands and review one for her. She passed a couple of ebooks on to me, I read them both and reviewed them both over a weekend and that was that!

Seeing my reviews up there on her blog was such a kick, I was bitten, I had the blogging bug!

I love having my own blog now-one of the best things is the community of readers & writers that goes along with it. I've been so lucky to have met so many wonderful authors & other bloggers as a result of me posting reviews & other posts on the Internet!

Thanks to My Voucher Codes for asking to hear my story & I wish you all a happy world book day!

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