Sunday 19 June 2016

Guest Review: the Canal Boat Cafe Book 3 by Cressida McLaughlin

Summer Freeman, who runs the Canal Boat Café in the waterside village of Willowbeck, is having the time of her life. She’s navigated the café out of some stormy waters and her best friend is helping her try out some new recipes. Summer and her neighbour Mason, as well as their dogs Pocket and Latte, are spending more and more time together and after a romantic evening in together (which her nosy friends won’t stop interrupting), Summer is excited about where things are headed…Until things run adrift.

As seasons change and secrets are uncovered, Summer has to decide who she can trust, including Mason. Can she find love and make a new life for herself in Willowbeck? Or will she choose to keep her heart below deck?

Review: This is the third and penultimate in a series of short stories about a cafe contained in a canal narrow boat and the adventures of its owner. All four parts will eventually be published as a complete story, although each part could feasibly be read in isolation. 

In this part, Summer Freeman, who has inherited the boat-cum-cafe from her mother, is once more settled in a permanent mooring on the canal in the peaceful town of Willowbeck. She has left behind some friends she made in a travelling group of canal boat traders and resumed acquaintance with her mum's old friend and fellow boat owner, Valerie, and other 'neighbours' in the town. Some of Summer's family also appear on the scene.  Finally, there are some interesting developments in the romantic relationship between Summer and the slightly mysterious Mason who lives in his rather smart sounding narrow boat in the next mooring. 

I very much enjoyed this instalment and am becoming more and more drawn into the plot with each part of the story. I think that Cressida has done a good job of building up the back stories of the various characters at the same time as moving the present time action along. I am waiting with anticipation for the final part to see how the whole affair plays out. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. 

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