Thursday 9 June 2016

Review: Thirtynothing by Lisa Jewell

Ever wondered what happened to your first love?
Imagine bumping into them twelve years later and realizing you still fancy them rotten. That's exactly what happens to Dig Ryan when he sees Delilah again.
Now imagine you're Nadine. You and Dig have been best friends for fifteen years. And you've finally realized that you're in love with him. So when Delilah - who always was your nemesis - returns, you're mad with jealousy and can't help behaving childishly. Like phoning your first love Phil - just to get your own back ...
Thirtynothing is a story of ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends and friends dabbling with yesterday when they really should be thinking about today.

Review: aww it was so nice to be reading some Lisa Jewell again. This is one author where I haven't managed to catch up with her back catalogue yet and so I find myself downloading the audio books of the older novels, or even the ones I have on my shelf waiting to be read, and I absolutely devour them! I loved the fact that I could hear this author's voice even in one of her earlier books, as this is one of my favourite authors, it was reassuring to see that her voice hasn't changed much over the years, even if the kind of novels she writes are now worthy of being part of the Richard and Judy book club!

Dig and Delilah are classic characters. They were once exceptional friends and this could have developed into something more that developed over time and as they grew up, but didn't. There are so many many misunderstandings in this book and this is the major linchpin around which the story takes place. I loved their story. I loved hearing about where they are now and how they used to be then. I particularly like that fact that we get to see things from both of their points of view-I love when a book gives me the opportunity to do that. There are twists and turns a-plenty in this novel and nothing is ever as it seems. There is also some real love and some real drama. There were a couple of painful scenes that I found either difficult to take or found myself deeply cringing as I read them.

I like that fact that we have these two characters as our main subjects. Delilah is a classic female over analyser and worrier. She is brilliant because she really sin't sure what she wants when it comes to life, or when it comes to men but she really knows what she doesn't want. This makes her totally relatable and I really wanted to be able to jump into the book and offer her some advice! Dig is also someone I would have liked to have given a good talking too but in a sit down and listen kind of way. He has his life a little more sorted but it still hung up on a fantasy from hsi younger years that he doesn't seem to realise will never come to fruition. He provides a lot of comedy moments in the book and these come right from the opening chapter so be prepared to laugh and gasp along with Dig's antics!

I so enjoyed this book and it was great to go back and read something that I'd wanted to for a long time! I like the fact that Lisa Jewell has combined real life drama and love with real comedy and OMG moments. Her writing makes sense and is totally relatable whilst still offering some escapism and a world to really get lost in. If, like me, you have some Lisa Jewell back catalogue to catch up on then what are you waiting for?

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