Monday 13 June 2016

Review: The One With The Engagement Party by Erin Lawless

Nora Dervan is getting married... but her four bridesmaids are more full of secrets than champagne.

Bea has barely gotten past the fact that her two best friends are seeing each other, and now they’re engaged, and Cleo is rather distracted by the hot new colleague she absolutely, definitely must not sleep with. Daisy is dreading the singles’ table, whilst Sarah’s own marriage hasn’t turned out to be all she hoped it would be...

Review: this is the first part in a four part serial by Erin Lawless. firstly, as soon as the title/cover was revealed I knew I wanted to read this book because of the title. It sounds like an episode of friends and that excites me. Then when I found out it was about four girls and four guys, it seemed even more meant to be, plus you guys know I love a good serial! Obviously the first part in a serial is a bit of a scene setter and so I was expecting to meet all of the characters and find out what drama would unfold over the following 3 novellas, but what I got was a surprising 'good things come in small packages moment' this had it all and I loved every moment. 

Obviously the main focus here is on the characters and each of them gets their own moment in the sun in this novel. The whole wedding setting is great because there is so much scope for drama. Bridesmaids who have the potential to clash, things that have the potential to go wrong and of course possible bridezillas. There hasn't been too much for that so far, this installment is about falling in love with these girls and guys and the storyline as a whole is very much, placing them in their lives. Let me tell you, in terms of what is going to unfold as we move on to future instalments has the potential to be big. I don't want to say any more because-spoilers-but I loved the plot of this one. 

The characters.... I really engaged with bride Nora. I'm planning my own wedding right now and so I really related to her. I also loved reading about Sarah because she is kind of the outsider of the bridesmaids, being in the party because she is married to best man Cole. I've been that wife/girlfriend kind of involved in the wedding but not because I was with a member of the wedding party-it's a hard job and I'm sure, along with her own personal struggles, things are going to be tricky for Sarah. I loved reading about Bea as well because she sounds like great fun and there is definitely something sparky between her and Eli. But Cleo and Gray-oh my goodness I so can't wait to find out more about them, they are the kind of people you totally know would hit it off but don't know if they ever realise it themselves and it just warms your heart to read about them. I loved them, I loved the afternoon I spent with them and this book and have already preordered the next instalments so they will hit my kindle as soon as they possibly can. 

This is definitely a series I recommend you get into! 

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