Thursday 4 August 2016

Seattle-my travels so far!

So I thought it would be cool to do a post about where and what I saw whilst I was in Seattle. I won't be doing this for every place that I stopped at but I really really loved Seattle and went spent 3 full days there so definitely thought it was worth it! 

We ended up travelling to Seattle from London for around about 26 hours but the views that greeted us as we landed were so worth it. We got view of Mount St. Helens as well as mount Rainer which were truly breathtaking especially since they were set against a setting sun! 

We stayed in an air bnb when we were here. This was an apartment just on the edge of downtown which was perfectly located. It was never noisy or busy but close to everything that we wanted, really recommend this kind of accommodation as well, we were never bound by someone wanting in to clean the hotel room and we had access to a fridge/cooker/full lounge! 

On our first day we took a walk through downtown and out to the site of the world fair where the EMP museum, Space Needle, Glass Garden and Science Centre are. We went into the EMP museum, it was really cool and definitely something we both enjoyed. I loved this sculpture featuring many many guitars as well as lots of other musical instruments. It's the heart of the museum and stretches from floor to ceiling. We also enjoyed the Hendrix exhibition and the Nirvana exhibition. 

We wanted to go up the space needle but it was closed that day unforuntuately. So we took the monorail back into downtown to walk down through Pike Place market and get some lunch. We had lunch on the pier and then made use of the rest of our city pass. The pass included entry to all of the things I've listed so far at the Seattle Center and also the aquarium and a hard our cruise. Whilst we were waiting for the cruise to begin, we took a ride on the wheel here to get some awesome views of the city! This was the biggest wheel in the states until they installed the one in Chicago but it was really cool and had great views! 

We didn't think we would have time to visit the aquarium but we did and we really enjoyed seeing the sea otters and the seals and we can definitely say it is great for a flying visit, especially if you have the city pass as you save at least half off the admission prices! The cruise was probably my favourite ying of the day because the tour guide was so knowledgeable, a Seattle local and we even saw porpoises off the side of the boat! 

Now of course, no trip to Seattle for me would be complete without a trip to the original Starbucks, but I've done a whole separate post about that when I went there so you can have a read of that! 

We did go up the space needle on our second day there but I have to I was quite underwhelmed by the whole thing. For a 2:30pm ticket, we didn't get up there until well after 3pm and queuing to get back down again took forever, it made me feel rather claustrophobic that I couldn't actually get back down without queuing to get on this lift. 

We did some shopping on day 2 as well, of course this included a visit to Barnes and Noble and I also got a really cool tote bag in macys but I think I'll leave the shopping haul until the end of the trio because there is bound to be loads more where that came from-you know I love to shop! Seattle was great because all the shops were close together but there was still a really good selection and we got a very cool bag for Oli in his favourite Tumbuk2 shop! 

On our last day we went on a very cool underground tour, this was another ugh light for me because it was just so informative as well as entertaining. We didn't do any ghost hunting (that was a whole other tour) so it was literally just hearing about the history of Seattle and how it was built and governed in its early days, so much history but just so much fun at the same time! If you are ever in Seattle, this needs to be a must for you, there are lots of stairs but there was a guy on crutches on our tour so pretty accessible as well. Big shout out to our tour guide Jacob, he was so good at his job and really made the tour for us! 

I have to have a whole separate section on how good the food was in Seattle. This is a picture of our brunch on day 2, this place Lola was recommended to us and we nearly went back there again on our third day, the doughnuts and the eggs were just so good! The atmosphere was lovely and the service was just impeccable. We also ate at Biscuit Bitch, they have a couple of locations in the city and the biscuits were amazing, Oli had an eggs, grits and sausage combo topped with jalapeƱos which looked and tasted incredible and it was just really chilled out and tasty! We also ate at The Fishermans on the pier which had fab lunch options including many different kinds of oyster! 

And Seattle is famous for its coffee so, of course we had some of that too. This is a picture of my espresso with sweet cream at Cherry Street Coffee House, another very laid back place but with a cool atmosphere and I ticked off a total of 10 new Starbucks (they were everywhere) including some excellent Pike place reserve done in the Clover machine in Pike Place! 

I'm mainly documenting my travels so far through Instagram and snapchat videos and pictures, but I hope to upload some of my videos to YouTube when I get back Nowehre has had good enough Wifi to do it so far! 

My next travel post will feature San Francisco and then it's onto the road trip section of our holiday-can't wait! 

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