Monday 27 February 2017

7 in 7 reading week!

I've just finished adding to my February wrap up and my March TBR. Whilst doing this I also looked at some of the books I've received/borrowed from the library/bought this month and I realised that I really want to catch up on some of the fab books that I've got. These are books that I wanted to read in February/March and just haven't managed to fit in yet. I love reading and I've not really read at all for the past couple of weeks so I thought what better to do than to set myself a 7 in 7! I would love to have some people reading with me so please do comment below or tweet me if you would like to join in!

This means that I am going to try and read 7 books in 7 days. This isn't because I feel like I have to but purely because i have such a fabulous TBR and so I really really want to. I love a good readathon and find that tracking my reading in this way really helps me to get to the books I want to read.

Now for the books I want to read. This list will undoubtedly be more than 7! I won't necessarily read a book a day because, as you know, I tend to read a few books at a time. I do, however have some books that I know I would really like to read this week and so this is the pool I will have to choose from...

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