Thursday 2 February 2017

My Wedding!

Ok so I know I've been putting this post off for a while but I think that was partly to let the whole thing sink in... So on November 26th I got married! We decided to do it right after Thanksgiving so that our parents could come over for Thanksgiving and then we could all go to Las Vegas together-it had to be Las Vegas! Anywhere I mention, like stores and things, I've put links to.

The first thing I bought for the wedding was the shoes, I knew I wanted these particular Irregular Choice shoes and the store on Carnaby Street had them shipped from the Brighton store for me, they weer so helpful! Oli ordered his shoes from the Converse website because he wanted them custom built, I couldn't out-shoe him too much! And they have the wedding date on the back!

I also had a kind of dress in mind and ended up ordering one online, having seen something similar in stores. I ended up with a dress from Studio 8 and it was so comfortable all day.

And then there's the bouquet. My Mum brought this with her in her suitcase. It comes from I Heart Buttons, a store on the Isle of Wight with a big online shop. They do custom orders but I knew I wanted this one when I saw it! It came with a button hole too, we didn't use that on the day but I'm going to wear it again!

We chose to stay at the Bellagio after a bit of research into the massive choice of hotels, we weren't sure about a theme hotel but I don't think we'd stay there again! The actual ceremony was so much more 'us' than we could have hoped for. We chose The Chapel of the Flowers because they did live streaming, and when we saw the Magnolia Chapel on their website we knew it had to be that one. Yes, we did toy with the idea of a drive through wedding but since we had six people coming over from England, we thought it would be better to have an actual chapel.

I really couldn't have asked for any more from the chapel. We loved everyone we dealt with, our wedding planner, the photographers, our minister and the limo driver. If you are thinking of tying the knot in Vegas, I couldn't recommend them more! Even the minister seems to be enjoying the ceremony too!

The Limo picked us up from the hotel and then took us to the chapel. He played some cool music on the way, a little bit of Elvis and 'Going to the Chapel' as we were pulling up to the ceremony-just perfect and I did sing along!

Then we had a chat with all the people who would be involved whilst our guests were seated.

We chose to have 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' to walk down the aisle to and "Growing on Me' to walk back up to since The Darkness is really the only music we have in common, he's into Rock and I love me some show tunes! So the songs we chose seemed to fit just right! We also knew that we wanted to walk in together.

We then had a really fun photo shoot. We honestly didn't realise until we saw the pictures that we would love them so much. We chose just 18 for our actual wedding package and then ended up asking for them all when we saw them. The photographers just rocked and there are hardly any pictures we don't absolutely love!

Then our limo drive took us on a tour of the strip. This was the only time over the course of the weekend that we actually saw a little bit more of the strip, it was such a busy time! And finally for pictures at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. He knew exactly what he was doing and took some really awesome pictures of just the two of us and then the whole party. Our driver was just so excellent!

Finally he dropped us right at the door of Caesar's Palace so we could go to the Cheesecake Factory. We had meals and bubbles and then finally the cheesecake itself. We ordered the cake beforehand but they didn't charge us which I thought was really cool-you know how wedding expenses can build up! We ordered half red velvet cake cheesecake and half mango key lime!

The rest of the day we went off and explored Vegas, a little bit with the families and a little on our own. We rode gondolas at The Venetian and then went on The High Roller, half an hour with a free bar and great views of The Strip at night! We did a little gambling but we just loved what an awesome place Vegas is for people watching.

The next day we went to the Neon Boneyard after a little visit to the Bellagio Buffet. I couldn't recommend the boneyard enough. Seeing all the old signs and hearing the stories behind them was something else and our guide was so knowledgeable and entertaining! If it's not a sunny day though, I would take a coat as it's all outside and I was freezing!

We had just the kind of wedding day we wanted and we will definitely be visiting Las Vegas again!

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