Friday 24 February 2017

Series Review: The Meet Cute Series by Katey Lovell

Katey Lovell is a wonderful author who I discovered in 2016. She has one paperback novel currently in the charts. I posted a review of The Singalong Society for Singletons in October. You can find that here.

But she first came to my attention for her short stories. The meet cute series! Here's a link to Katy's blog so you can find out more about her!

The Meet Cute Series are short stories that cover just that, girl meets boy, something amazing could happen. The way each story differs is that they meet in several different scenarios. You can tell from each title, where they're going to meet and that's the wonderful thing about this series. Each story is about 20 pages long and so that's why I'm reviewing these as a series rather than individual short stories.

Review: I just love these short stories because each one is a full story in itself with a beginning, a middle and an end. You see things from our main character's perspective and therefore get to live out her feelings when she first spots the person she is about to meet. Sometimes she has been watching them from afar for a while, sometimes she has seen them on more than one occasion and sometimes we get to see their interaction the first time they met. This series has got variety I tell you!

The great thing about the fact this this is a series is that it isn't a series! When I first began reading them, I thought I was going to have to read them in order but each one is a stand alone meet cute and so you get a new experience every time. You will therefore definitely find yourself downloading more than one at a time because you will find yourself drawn into the irresistibly romantic world of the meet cute!

I think my favorite of these was the Boy in The Bookshop, and not just because it was set in a bookshop, but I also really liked the Boy Under the Mistletoe. These are the two that have stayed with me longest and you can definitely go and read both of these just not because the description of 'the boy' the description of the meeting and the pure romance is just such high quality and that's part of what makes these so readable. 

I would say that each of these short stories takes me less than 15 minutes to read and so trey are perfect for bedtime reading, for reading when you are early to an appointment or for reading on a shorter commute. They are also very easy to binge read and you may find yourself reading three or four of these at once. Each one is its own story and I am sure that you will love them all!

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