Friday 17 March 2017

Review: The Troublesome Tiger by Tamsyn Murray (Tanglewood Animal Park Book 2)

Zoe can't wait to meet the park's newest arrival, Tindu the tiger. But Tindu seems sad, and refuses to leave his den.

Can Zoe dream up a plan to help Tanglewood's tiger feel happy in his new home?

Review: This was just such a good read! This is the second book in the Tanglewood Animal Park series and I wouldn't say that you have to have read the first book in the series to be able to read this one, but its such a good book so I would definitely recommend it! This book sees Zoe and her family welcome a new tiger to the zoo. But fear not, this book is not all about a tiger. We get to revisit the baby zebra from the previous book in the series as well as some of the other favourite animals, the guinea pigs, the meercats and even a new stray cat!

What is wonderful about this book is everything I learned from it. I didn't go into this series expecting to take away so many facts from it about wild animals, but when I went to the zoo last week, I was able to see some of the creatures there in a whole new light thanks to Tamsyn Murray's fantastic research!

This book is also great because everything is seen through Zoe's eyes so we see the park though her curiosity and it means that it is even easier for the intended audience to identify with her and explore the park the way in which they would see it. Just like the previous book in the series, we also see aspects of Zoe's friendships and also her relationship with her family and the other people who work at the zoo, something for everyone!

As an educator, I would definitely recommend adding this book to your classroom, it would be a great book to share with a class or a reading group. And as a reader, I would definitely recommend adding this book to your TBR now, you will learn lots and it is a highly entertaining read too!

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